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Even if you aren’t a skin expert, it isn’t hard to see that most Korean women have dewy, luminous and almost translucent skin. Their creamy porcelain complexion begs the question: how is it possible to maintain such fair skin that is completely free of pigmentation and dark spots? Well, the key is in the skincare routine – and a proper skincare routine with all the right products and techniques can truly make all the difference in the world.

The History of Whoo is no stranger to prestige skincare. Their range of Gongjinhyang: Seol whitening skincare products, such as the Radiant White Intensive Spot Corrector and the Radiant White Eye Serum, all contain a blend of potent active ingredients specially formulated to bring about a brighter look and whiter skin. With the beneficial properties of Wild Chrysanthemum to inhibit the first signs of melanin synthesis, as well as more than a dozen other oriental herbs to improve skin tone, The History of Whoo offers users an easy way to achieve flawlessly fair skin the Korean way.

As important and intrinsic to skincare routines as they are, whitening products are just the tip of the iceberg for Korean women. From rejuvenating face masks to frequent use of sunblock, facial massages to hydrating night creams, these ladies go to enviable lengths to attain milky skin. Want to know the skin secrets of Korean women living in Singapore? We’ve interviewed a handful of them to find out more about their skincare routine and exactly what it is they do to achieve their pale and perfect features.

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