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Mission: To give back to communities and educate ‘’youngones towards a healthier and more fulfilling life. To also help rid of depression,suicidal thoughts and help change the mindset of youngsters towards their livesand the world Plan: My life reflects a lot around growing up in an extremelytoxic environment where substance and drug abuse was the norm and where goalsand dreams were only for those fortunate enough to afford them. My life has hada major turn around and I can’t thank God enough for what he has done for me,he has blessed me with a powerful and influential mind which is exactly what myfellow youth need to achieve the highest potential. My main objectives would beto first start giving back to the orphanage I lived in when growing up.Objectives of this campaign: ·        To reach as much possible orphanages before Christmas·        To raise enough money before Christmas in order tostart rapping the Christmas gifts·        To raise the set amount of money to buy clothes  and food for those in need not only orphansbut the homeless (before Christmas)Future of The “Young Ones” Can Give Back 2 Basically, I just started this charity and I am currentlystill studying but would like to continue touching young lives even if is notthrough buying them food and clothes, I want to still travel around SouthAfrica and reach them through my teachings on following their dreams andmotivating them.

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