Investing in the Future with “Fishing for Kids

If you’re familiar with Fishidy and our nationwide fishing community that’s taken off the past several years, you may have come across one of our more popular members at one point or another – maybe due to a shared fishing spot, a comment on a post, or a photo of a giant Kentucky bass. This member is Eddie Goode, and not only is he one of the most popular members of Fishidy’s community, he’s one of the most genuinely kind, knowledgeable, and willing-to-share fishermen you will ever meet.

Eddie has been an incredible help to Fishidy’s core team itself – offering to host webinars, participate in seminars, and share hundreds of fishing spots on lakes all across the country to make Fishidy’s maps even more powerful. If you’re not following Eddie on Fishidy yet, we highly suggest you do!

Eddie’s true passion however, is charitable work that benefits kids in local communities. He is the President of an organization named Fishing for Kids with a mission to invest in young people through a combination of teachings and activities in the outdoors thereby giving them the confidence to grow as individuals and strengthen their own communities to ensure more successful futures.

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